Building a icon of modernism with LEGOs

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My mother gave my son the LEGO Fallingwater model for Christmas. We decided to shoot a time-lapse video of the model construction to share with grandma, and here is the 23 second video of a solid 4 hours of model building. Typically, I sort the LEGO bricks and James builds the model, and that’s the process we followed in this video.
Fallingwater was Frank Lloyd Wright’s answer to critics who said he was no longer a relevant architect in the 1930s. At many stages of his 70 year career, Wright found new inspiration for his “organic architecture” principles, and Fallingwater was arguably his greatest design and a solid answer to critics who said modern architecture was leaving him behind. Designed in 1935, the house is a remarkable combination of modernism, Japanese influences, and Wright’s incredible ability to design in nature. James and I enjoyed watching the model take shape, and laughed when we realized we were building a rock ledge, waterfall and forest out of little plastic dots. The LEGO model is an impressively accurate representation of Wright’s masterpiece.